Millyard V-twin is Ed March’s wildest dream


An Englishman has created Ed March’s wildest dream — a C90-based V-twin. Although, Ed might have have trouble talking him into removing it from this very tasty cafe racer custom.

Most CMG readers will remember the adventures of Ed and fellow traveler Rachel Lasham, who rode across Canada in the winter aboard Honda C90s. If you haven’t read their stories, you can (and should) check them out here.

Of course, the C90 has one massive shortcoming: Its minuscule engine. As a result, Ed spent tons of time rebuilding his motor after straining it past breaking point,  or sourcing replacements — last we heard, he was using a motor out of a Honda three-wheeler, although that might have been faulty information.

What he should have done, was talk to fellow Limey Allen Millyard, who’s put together a V-twin based off a single-cylinder C90 motor from 1975; claimed top speed is 80 mph. You can check it out in the video above, installed in a cafe racer chassis; there’s more information on an earlier, similar project here.


  1. When I met Ed during his ride across Canada I believe he was using Lifan 125 engines in the C90s. It was disappointing that the heart of his bikes were no longer Honda.

      • True. But I’m more of a purist and I was so thrilled that old Hondas were making their way across the country. There is something oddly enticing about the prospect of riding an old Honda (the ones we all grew up with) slowly across the country.

  2. This is quite interesting andthe sound was quite a surprise, he must start production , he has done many interesting projects before but i see this one could have more chance on a marketing standpoint.

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