More details on the Royal Enfield Himalayan


We showed you two videos of the Royal Enfield Himalayan last week. Now, Royal Enfield has plenty of other information on the bike uploaded on their site.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is this essay from Royal Enfield CEO Siddartha Lal. He doesn’t give away a lot of technical details, although he does give some useful information about the long-stroke engine, which apparently is geared for low-RPM torque, and has 10,000-km oil change intervals. Fuel capacity is 15 litres, and the front wheel is a 21-inch unit.

There’s a selection of good photos of the new bike here.

The Himalayan hasn’t been officially launched yet, and we have no dates for North American arrival, and no MSRP announced.


  1. Looks not bad for a 450cc but a little under powered 24-27 hp range it closes rival is a Kawasaki KLR the rider in the picture on the test video broke the foot rest off on the landing ! hope they get it right, I own two 500 Royal Enfields the EFI and the old model they draw attention where ever i go but to sell here the dealer network needs a shake up to sell well here in Canada….

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