Bosch making changes to motorcycle side of company

Bosch announced this week that they were spinning off their motorcycle business into its division of the company.

In the past few years, the development of electronic rider assistance has been the area that’s seen the most upward progress in motorcycle technology. While manufacturers are still happy to add horsepower and cut weight, they are just as interested in adding things like leaning ABS, traction control, and other similar features to make motorcycles easier to ride.

Bosch has been at the forefront of that development, particularly with their development of a stability system that includes leaning ABS, an antilock braking system that riders can use while cornering without worrying about sliding off due to their braking. It was first included on the KTM 1190R Adventure (above) and similar systems are now becoming common on Euro-manufactured bikes.

Now, Bosch has announced they plan to split their motorcycle business into its own Japan-based division, allowing them to focus more carefully on two-wheeled developments. Some of the products they say the new division is focusing on is an electric hub motor that can convert a conventional scooter into an EV, and their new ABS 10 system. ABS 10 is something we’ll likely see a lot more of in the future; it’s an ABS system designed for use in small-capacity motorcycles, available in both single-channel and dual-channel (one-wheel or two wheeled versions). Bosch was trying to get the EU to make it mandatory on small bikes, but didn’t succeed. However, more safety equipment is the wave of the future, so don’t be surprised if it’s standard equipment on budget bikes in the future.



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