Canadian abroad: Dan Kruger takes first 2016 win in Chinese series


Canadian expat roadracer Dan Kruger took his first 2016 win at China’s Zhuahi International Circuit over the weekend, in the Superbike class in the three-hour Superbike Endurance Race.

Still recovering from a hand injury suffered last year and also battling the flu, Kruger said he thought teammate Karl Roe might end up doing most of the riding, but Kruger managed to pull through and take his share of the work. The win didn’t come easily; their Kawasaki had electrical problems, a dodgy fuel light, and worst of all, a failing transmission that puked oil on the rear tire towards the end of the race. They managed to keep it all together, and take the win.

Kruger was also happy to announce his team has significantly improved their sponsorship situation this year, which they think should help them better challenge their rivals on-track.

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