New Bell Star helmet will have 360-degree camera, collision warnings

Earlier this week, we told you BMW is working on a smart helmet. Bell (the helmet manufacturer, not the telecom company) was also at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, with a smart helmet of their own on display.

The new version of the Bell Star they’re showing off incorporates a 360-degree camera that records video from all angles, while including the capability to also stream footage wirelessly. The camera is a modified unit from 360Fly that’s incorporated into the top of the helmet, and is removable. You can see the camera in the photo above, as a bump on the top of the skid lid.

Along with 360-degree video, the camera will also record GPS data, and include an altimeter and barometer, just in case you like to dabble in amateur meteorology while you ride.

But wait, there’s more! Bell also says they’re working on a collision-warning feature, that will let you know if you’re about to smack into something. This feature doesn’t appear to have been perfected yet, but Bell says they intend to include it.


    • MSRP: $1,199.95 – $1,299.95 (US) for the standard ProStar, can’t imagine what the camera equipped model is going to cost….

  1. I’m wondering how this will fare in the drop test with the camera positioned at TDC. Maybe it’s something that attaches after purchase.

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