There’s a new weapon to fight loud pipes

We’ve already told you about Canadian inventor Mark Nesdoly and his Noise Snare, a device invented to track down offensively loud vehicles for the purposes of police ticketing. Now, the Noise Snare has competition in the market: The Hornet Advanced Noise Control System.

The Hornet Advanced Noise Control System uses multiple microphones, paired with a video camera, to detect when a louder-than-normal vehicle travels through a roadway. Once such a vehicle is detected, it uses the information from those microphones and the camera to figure out which vehicle it is, using triangulation. The designer claims it’s very effective; he says he can get to within 25 mm of the source of the noise.

The usual plea police use when they are pressed regarding their inaction on loud pipes is that they’re simply not able to ticket riders when they don’t observe the offense. With the Hornet (like the Noise Snare), the unit can be left at an intersection or roadway, collecting data without an officer required to physically observe the offense, which allows them to more effectively fight the problem, or raise more revenue, depending how you look at it.

You can read more about the Hornet Advanced Noise Control System here at Gizmag.

The technology, if it really works, could be an important weapon in the war against loud pipes. While the similar Noise Snare has been implemented already, we haven’t heard many stories of its adoption by police departments. It would very interesting to see these systems compared to each other, and it will be even more interesting to see if the Hornet system is finally the weapon the police can use to end loud pipes across North America.



  1. Loud pipes save lives in those jacked up 4×4 Diesel trucks billowing smoke like a 1930’s locomotive. Those trucks are so awesome everyone should be driving them “in the city”. Git er done….Puke….

      • We’re both being sarcastic right Jim? Seriously though and this is directed at the “loud pipes save lives” crowd, how loud must it be to save your life and is there an upper limit where it stops making it safer? You shoudl be able to correlate the db of your exhaust with accident rates.

  2. I cannot believe the length of the conversation on this stupid topic. Loud pipe people are stupid, loud pipe enforcement stuff is stupid. Jeez. Just go for a frickin’ ride on a stock bike and have some fun. How hard is that?

    • That statement is total B.S. period, end of discussion. I am of course willing to look at any proof you would have to support your statement.

  3. Geez, how about putting that money spent on developing something to help combat DUI, how about something to get the info on reckless speeders that endanger everyone. I guess it is easier to go after law abiding people whose only fault is to have a loud pipe? some people, politicians, and police really do need to get a life.

  4. Loud pipes could possibly save lives if they faced forward,that was a tactic tried by some teams who raced the HD 350 Sprint in AMA dirt track in the `70s to beat the decibel meter. What is more likely though is you`ll be looked at as a Wild Hogs wannabe or probably just an obnoxious twat. Remember..we are all ambassadors for our hobby/sport.

  5. By vehicles, I hope four wheeled vehicles are included in this. Bikes are being targeted but are only part time users, the vehicles are around year round! To me, I’d say they know motorcycle riders will pay the fine seeing as they can afford the bike, hmmmm, wrong way to fund the cities’ projects. Also, they should quit hiding the fact, it is big V-twin cruisers that are ridden by certain “groups”that are the most culprits. Site them! Start handing out demerits to be paid at next registration or no registration.

  6. If this issue is ever policed(doubtful), hopefully it will be enforced for all vehicles equally. Loud trucks and 2 stroke snowmobiles especially, are a problem in my neighbourhood. I have a TL1000S with Yosh pipes that sounds sweet without being too loud.

  7. Why dont all these techno geeks spend their considerable time talent and energy developing a “Cell Phone Snare” now that might actually be a public safety item and it would definitely impact the cash flow of the various police jurisdictions in a positive fashion! There are far more cell phone offences out there than loud pipes!

    • Dont think i have a problem riding with close to 15 years accident and ticket free miles. And btw its a saying. But sorry in this nation of pc dont want to offend anyone right…… Not

    • Well Tim, I’ve been riding for 43 years without an accident of which only one was spent with an obnoxiously loud H2 (which even I couldn’t stand and went back to stock pipes) so there is a bit of a hole in your theory. If you want motorcycles to continue to be banned then keep on saving your life.

    • When and where are motorcycles banned? I live in the country in northern ontario but still when on a long haul and drive thru cities common sense says don’t gun it in populated areas. They dont sound bad if easy on throttle. And with with my bike quarter throttle all i need even with pulling a trailer.

    • Most gated communities ban them. I can live with that because I don’t have to live there. However if you Google it you will see it is at least up for discussion in many cities around the world, including Calgary here in Canada.

    • I can understand gated communities banning them. They somewhat govern themselves but cities yeah they might talk about it but in the end elected officials will make the decision that will win them the most votes. And i truly believe there are more people that enjoy the rumble of a vtwin then against it. Almost every vtwin rider will not vote for banning a harley etc ( i ride a liner ). But if you rev it high with intent of creating noise yeah give those people a ticket. But when you drive civilized hk3 or harleys are not loud. As said when im in my area yeah ill crack it abit more but when driving thru gta i take it easy. Common sense.

      • “Elected officials will make the decision that will win them the most votes” Like in old Quebec? It seems it has been easier to ban all bikes instead of just the loud ones.
        What you “truly believe” is not going to matter in this case. People that like loud pipes are only a portion of all motorcycle riders, and motorcycle riders are only a small portion of the population. If it comes to a vote, we all lose, hands down.

      • Tim, come to Quebec and I’ll show you dozens of neighbourhoods, towns and cities that ban motorcycles from public streets, and all these bans stem from excessive noise from loud exhausts. There is no benefit whatsoever to motorcycling from loud pipes. None. If you rely on noise to save your life rather than skill, attentiveness and foresight, you’re riding on thin treads.

    • And don’t forget loss of revenue. In summer i always do long distance trips and stop at cities for hotels of fuel or a nice dinner with my lady tho if a city bans my bike ill detour it and go to next city. Mean less tax dollars for cities and business will lose out. So in end i really dont see that happening and they been having these talk since the 80s. But as said be mindfull to neighbors and take it easy in urban areas and you’ll be fine. I only have gotten many compliments of the sound of my 1900 twin. No one has told me they didn’t like it sofar because at 2500 or less rpm it rumbles really nice and can hear my tunes no problem plus lots of power at those rpm for trailer and lady and gear

      • Loss of revenue is going to save loud pipes? Could someone make a pie chart showing how much loud bike riders spend on tourism compared to everyone else? And what happens if every city bans bikes? Where will you detour to then?
        Lastly, have you concidered that the reason you haven’t heard complaints about your bike, is because it was too loud for you to hear them? 😉

    • I ride; I like a nice pipe; I’m not under the mistaken notion that Loud Pipes will save my life; paying attention & situational awareness is what keeps me safe & I learned how to ride in Toronto so I know traffic

    • As said before loud pipes save lives is a figure of speech. Its just a saying. Its a preference not to have a vtwin sounding like a john deer lawn tractor. But again common sense. Dont gun in populated areas. Even passed an opp cruizer once and he gave me a thumbs up. Guess its all in the way of how you present yourself in traffic. Loud and speedy will get you in trouble but a nice rumble will put a smile on your face. Whats far worst are the lil honda civics with the big 30 dollar cherry bombs.

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