CSC RX3 Cyclone gets updates for 2016

The CSC RX3 Cyclone is getting upgraded for 2016.

The California Scooter Company says the RX3 (built by Chinese manufacturer Zongshen) will get adjustable front suspension next year. The fork tubes will have adjustments built into the caps to allow riders to tweak their dampening settings.

Along with the ability to tune suspension settings, the RX3 will also get some different paint options and handlebars with weighted ends, which should theoretically reduce vibration.

There’s a free shipping promotion available on the bike right now, but it’s only valid for US customers.

CSC is also looking at bringing this machine to North America.
CSC is also looking at bringing this machine to North America.

CSC also informs us they’re bringing their budget TT250 dual sport to Canada. It’ll be the same deal as their RX3: Customers will pay the same price as US buyers, with an added import fee, which should be minimal.

They’re hoping to get that bike here by summer, but it’s always a bit of a drawn-out process getting these machines through government red tape.

The current exchange rate against the US dollar makes the TT250 a less attractive bargain in Canada, but as long as shipping is reasonable, this would still be the most affordable dual sport motorcycle available in Canada.

We see photos of a street bike on their blog as well, but don’t know much about it, except that it seems to be another Zongshen product.


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