Victory Combustion concept bike unveiled

The Victory Combustion concept bike has been unveiled at New York’s International Motorcycle Show, giving us yet another glimpse at the company’s plans for the future.

Victory first started talking about a sportier, performance-driven future for their marque when they debuted the Project 156 concept bike at Pikes Peak last spring. They’d already bought Brammo’s motorcycle business, which included their electric superbike. At the time, it looked as if we could expect a fairly sporty ICE-powered bike to accompany the Empulse in the near future.

Fast forward a few months. and Victory has unveiled the Ignition concept bike at EICMA and now the Combustion concept bike in New York. The Combustion was put together by custom builder Zach Ness, further cementing his family’s long history of customizing Victory motorcycles.

Like the Ignition, this bike features the liquid-cooled 1200cc V-twin Victory has developed for their new projects, but the bike itself doesn’t look that dissimilar to their previous offerings, as Project 156 did. It’s ultimately a cruiser with a bikini fairing. Their press release says that ““Victory Motorcycles have taken a strong positioning as the Modern American Muscle brand,” which does not conjure images of quick-handling chassis, but instead a continuation of the company’s history of powerful cruisers.


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