The Macau GP is not for sissies

Sometimes it takes a while, but every year, we eventually get some onboard footage of the Macau GP, and it’s a great reminder of what makes this race so crazy.

As you can see from the videos above and below, this is a race that just might make the Isle of Man TT seem safe. On the Mountain Course, at least, there are some areas where you can run off the track without hitting a guard rail. At Macau, well, you’re taking your chances by showing up. But still, racers come from around the world, including top names like John McGuinness, Michael Rutter, Connor Cummins, and Peter Hickman (who won the 2015 event).

Canadian Dan Kruger saw this year’s string of bad luck continue at Macau, earning a DNF at the event, although he thankfully avoided a serious incident like his crash at Suzuka. Kruger was doubtful he’d even be able to make Macau, due to recovery time, but he did show up.


  1. no kidding.. you’d just pinball off the walls as you slide down the road.. I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be the most exciting race to watch as opportunities to pass and challenge for the lead are fewer than most other courses.

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