Video: South African cop resorts to motorcycle gunplay


Running from the cops is never a smart plan. If things don’t pan out, they might shoot up your car — just ask these suspects from South Africa.

In this video making the interwebz rounds today, we jump in during the middle of a South African police operation. This motorcycle cop spots some escaping suspects, and when they don’t pull over, he opens fire, while riding.

Before you jump all over the officer and call him a cowboy, note a couple things: First, there’s a laser sight clearly visible under his pistol’s barrel, so he’s not just firing wildly. He should be able to place his shots into the car, not into bystanders (at the end of the chase, you can see the officer counting bullet holes in the car). Second, when the chase ends, the car is full of bullet holes, but we don’t see any bystanders plugged. Third, around the 4:37 mark, it seems he actually disables the car, ending what could have been a fatal chase.

The weirdest thing in this video? Check out the officer’s tank protector on his F800 at the 5:19 mark.


  1. What a CRAZY Cop. He could have hit many people with his lousy shooting. Did I hear him say he’d emptied his clip? 18 rounds? Unbelievable and totally reckless behaviour by the SA police who sounded Dutch.

  2. Life is very cheap over there! I’ve lived in those parts, you notice how there is no consideration for collateral damage from ricochet or stray rounds. Also the criminals are the same, they might have just murdered someone, pretty sad state of affairs there.

    • I’m glad someone pointed that out. When I watched the video I kept wondering where each shot ended up. The guy should really be charged with reckless endangerment, regardless of whether anyone else was hit or not.

  3. A wee bit different than the famed O J Simpson ‘chase’. More like a Steve McQueen ‘Bullitt’. pursuit with a flaming end. Back of cop’s left hand looks like he may have had a recent crash.

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