EICMA: New Suzuki GSXR-1000 with a gazillion pics

Show photos by Alexandra Straub.

Suzuki have unveiled an all new GSXR1000, which is about time considering the previous model was the bottom of the bunch compared to the other litrebikes. The redesign is seriously good news for superbike fans, though.

The new 999 cc engine uses variable valve timing – steel balls are positioned in grooves in the intake cam sprocket and moved outward by centrifugal force, rotating the intake cam at high rpm and optimizing timing for both high-rpm and low and mid-rpm. Suzuki claim that this adds to top end power without sacrificing low end.

Valves are now actuated by rockers instead of direct cam to bucket which Suzuki says allows for increased valve lift higher RPM. Throttle is ride by wire and there is now 10-level Traction Control, electronically controlled ABS, a quick shift system and a launch control system.

GSX-R1000_concept_Action_2Here’s some sales pitch from Suzuki:

Engine design
– The most powerful GSX-R engine ever built.
– Increased top-end without sacrificing low-end and mid-range power.
– Optimized engine dimensions to enhance cornering performance.
– Increased performance and drivability with MotoGP derived technology.
– Endurance-race-proven durability and reliability.

Chassis design
– The lightest GSX-R1000 ever built.
– The most compact GSX-R1000 chassis ever produced.
– Optimized geometry to increase rider confidence in Run. Turn. Stop.
– Rider-oriented handling.
– The most aerodynamic GSX-R1000 in history. Electronics design
– Added rider confidence in Run. Turn. Stop.
– Increased rider usability and convenience.

Styling design
– Retained GSX-R styling identity.
– Refined for aerodynamic performance.
– MotoGP-derived shape and color.
– Sleek bodywork enhances the lightweight chassis.


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