EICMA: MV Agusta Brutale 800 update: When change isn’t a good thing

Show photos by Alexandra Straub.

Peak horsepower is down for the 2016 MV Agusta Brutale, although max torque is increased, thanks to engine modifications required by changing emissions standards.

For 2016, all Euro manufacturers are touting their engines’ ability to meet Euro4 emissions standards. That’s good news for urban riders who want to avoid smog, but bad news for horsepower fans. Peak horsepower is down from 125 hp to 116 hp. However, max torque has risen from 59 ft-lb to 61 ft-lb, so it’s not all bad news.

The Brutale 800 will have a hydraulic slipper clutch for next year, and an electronic quick shifter.

Surprisingly, the Brutale 800 is also heavier, countering the usual trend amongst the Euro manufacturers to shed weight whenever possible. The Brutale 800 will weigh 167 kg next year, up about 8 kg.

Bodywork has also been changed for 2016.


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