EICMA: New Suzuki SV650

Show photos by Alexandra Straub.

The Suzuki SV650 is back.

Of all the Japanese manufacturers, Suzuki’s possibly doing the best job of trading on their heritage these days, and the SV650’s return to their lineup is a great example of that.  One of Suzuki’s most pivotal motorcycles in the past couple decades, spawning the V-twin that powered the brand’s most popular models.  it’s return it will keep lots of people happy, especially since the new model should be faster.

For now, details are slim, but we know it makes 75 hp @ 8,500 rpm, up significantly from the original, which put out around 64 hp. We also know there’s a scrambler variant on stage at EICMA, although whether that’s going into production, we can’t say. We’ll provide more details and numbers when we get ’em.


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