EICMA: Kawasaki ZX-10 “Winter Testing” package for Canada?

Thanks to those lovely people at Kawasaki, we now have Japanese superbikes available that match our Canadian environment.

Just unveiled at the EICMA press event, the “new winter graphics” feature a matte black paint job and a snowflake sticker on the front fairing, a nod to all of us who have to suspend our motorcycle riding season but feel the need to remain bonded to our bikes.

According to the press release :

“Resplendent in their covert and purposeful winter testing livery, each machine will feature the by now familiar Kawasaki testing “snowflake” on the front cowl and the Japanese Kanji “fufu” character symbolizing winter”.

Judging by the state of dress of the woman presenting the motorcycle, Kawasaki is not taking winter riding as seriously as their marketing department would suggest.

Nothing gets our blood boiling like a snowflake
Nothing gets our blood boiling like a snowflake


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