EICMA: Honda concepts, Part 1 — what is Big Red up to?

Photos by Alexandra Straub.

Honda has the habit of dropping concept models off at EICMA with little or no explanation (last year, that’s how they introduced the Africa Twin). So, on a hunch, we set intrepid journos Alex and Rob off to their display to see what they had this year.

We were not disappointed. Honda had two very interesting bikes on display, the first of which you see here. Dubbed the CB 4, it has the best-looking exhaust Honda has built since the days of the CB400/4.

It’s no coincidence that it looks practically identical to that system.

Excellent work, Honda!
Excellent work, Honda!

This is actually something Honda has done well in the last couple years. While other manufacturers pay homage to their roots by offering lip service and simple paint jobs, Honda has been working at emulating that 400/4 exhaust, perhaps the best-looking set of pipes to ever grace an inline-four. It’s a much stronger visual tie to the past than a racing stripe.

The 500 twins, when first released, showed hints of that bike, as did the CB1100. Now, this concept bike fully embraces Honda history. It works. It works very, very well.

We really don’t know much about the concept except for what we can see in the photos, as Honda wouldn’t say anything except that the machine was in concept form.

However, this machine makes a very interesting blend of old and new. That headlight works, although maybe the seat doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see where Big Red takes this concept.


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