EICMA: Guzzi MGX21 Flying Fortress

WWII buffs will know the flying fortress to be a huge US bomber. Thankfully Guzzi’s take on it is less deadly but also on the large side, in motorcycle terms at least.

The MGX21 was first shown at last year’s EICMA as a prototype, but has now made it to production and is based on the excellent California 1400 but with a large 21 inch front wheel, sculpted fairing and integrated bags. It also comes with some carbon fibre bodywork as well as ABS and traction control.


  1. Bless Moto Guzzi’s heart for giving 70 year old American jingoism two wheeled Italian flair. The red valve covers could be blazing .50 cal waist guns; don’t see room for a ball turret though.

  2. Looks great. The rear seat could have been more forming to the rear fender and following the lines of the bags from the sides. How much wind protection is the windshield? Looks great if one was tucked in like a sport bike.

  3. The Flying Fortress was not the plane that dropped the atomic bomb; that was a B-29 Superfortress. The Flying Fortress was the B-17. Jeez.

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