Here’s a clearer photo of that new Moto Guzzi V9

As we told you last week, Moto Guzzi is building a line of bikes in the 900 cc range. Here’s a better photo of one of those bikes, the V9 Bobber.

At least, that’s the story going around the Interwebz, where this bike has been posted on various sites (this photo came from Lanesplitter). It does look identical to that blacked-out photo we saw last week, although if the reports are true, we question whether calling it a bobber is a good idea, seeing as it’s not actually bobbed — those fenders look like they’re the stock, safety-required items. is reporting Moto Guzzi is going to also produce a “custom” version of this bike, leaving them with a couple cruisers built on this platform, same as they’ve done with the California 1400 series. Speaking of the California 1400, they’re also said to be building a bagger around that 1400 engine, along the lines of the big bagger concept they were showing off at EICMA last year. Supposedly, that bike will be released at Sturgis, but we’d expect to see some version of it this week.

Finally, since everyone else is building a scrambler these days, Moto Guzzi is supposedly building one too. It’ll be powered by the V7 II’s motor, and called the Stornello. That’s a fairly historic name for the brand — check out previous Stornellos, built in the 1960s and 1970s, here.


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