Benelli once again teases the “legend”

And here we go again. Benelli, formerly a purveyor of high-end exotica, now pushed to the fringes of the motorcycle industry, is once more promising the return of a legendary model. Apparently, that legend is the Leoncino.

What’s that, you say — you don’t remember the legend of the Leoncino? Google it, dear friend, and you’ll find videos such as this or this. Silodrome has a few words on the machine here.

Presumably, the modern remake won’t bear much resemblance, but since hipster cycles are in, one never knows. The original Leoncino did come with either four-stroke or two-stroke motors, so if the modern version has a four-stroke, it won’t be entirely blasphemous. Will it be a reworked version of their BN302, aimed at capturing the vintage enthusiast market, as the Scrambler has done for Ducati? It would be unsurprising.

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