Honda updates CB500F, NC750S

Honda’s mid-range naked bikes are getting some updates for 2016.

Just as the NC750X and CB500X adventure bikes were tweaked for next year, the NC750S and CB500F are also getting some attention.

The CB500F gets the more significant makeover; the entry-level naked bike now has preload-adjustable front suspension, as well as new LED lighting front and rear, and some styling changes, with revised bodywork. Honda also added more fuel capacity — it now holds 16.7 litres of gasoline — and an adjustable brake lever. All of these changes are echoes of what they did with the CB500X a few weeks back.

The NC750S doesn't see much change.
The NC750S doesn’t see much change.

Hopefully, Honda’s revised styling doesn’t mean they’ve ruined the aerodynamics of the bike’s headlight nacelle. While it had the visual appeal of a squashed maggot, it flowed air very, very nicely around the rider’s upper body, and was likely included on the CTX700 for that reason. Speaking of which, if Honda’s changing the parts bin on the 500 cc lineup, does that mean we’ll also see changes to the CTX lineup as well? It’s an interesting thought, if the CTX bikes strike your fancy.

The NC750S sees far more limited changes. It gets LCD instruments, different paint options, a new exhaust, and a revised DCT package with three riding options. Again, those updates mirror the changes to the adventure version, the NC750X.


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