Norton Dominator SS viewing in Toronto


Just in case you’re living in a cave and are unaware that there is a new James Bond film (kudos to the promoters), you may be interested to know that Norton managed to get its Dominator SS model nicely product placed in the film. Furthermore, Norton Canada are promoting the fact at a UK trade display in College Park mall at the corner of Yonge and College Streets in downtown Toronto.

The public are invited to view all things British (Dr Who, Union jacks and wonky teeth), including the Norton Dominator SS which is also its North American unveiling. Festivities commence 10 am tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 3rd), but hurry, you have until November 9th when the show ends.

Oh, and please get Editor’ ‘Arris some Marmite while you’re there.



  1. Rui oughta love this bike. Its built in England. The fact that it costs $20k+ and spews oil out the oil tank into the breather hose and thence into the air box(factory solution: there isn’t one) shouldn’t matter to him. I mean, its built where it was designed…or is it?

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