Behold, the Husqvarna 701 Enduro


Husqvarna has gotten back to following the company’s time-honoured tradition of releasing both supermoto and dual-sport versions of their motorcycles with the new 701 Enduro.

Like the 701 Supermoto, the 701 Enduro will be built around the existing KTM 690 platform, since Husqvarna is essentially a subsidiary of Team Orange these days (Husky’s owned by KTM bigwig Stefan Pierer).

The 690 cc SOHC single-cylinder motor has dual-spark ignition, ride-by-wire throttle, selectable engine maps, and can go 10,000 kms between valve adjustments. Not bad! The frame is made out of chrome-moly steel. Front and rear suspension (4CS cartridge forks up front and fully adjustable shock) comes from WP, offering 275 mm of travel.

Husqvarna's duallie is likely going to attract lots of interest.
Husqvarna’s duallie is likely going to attract lots of interest.

The bike will also have a slipper clutch, which is of questionable value on a dual sport. It also will have switchable ABS, which is certainly welcome.

The fuel tank holds 13 litres; the tank is integrated into the subframe, so riders wanting to turn this into their next adventure bike and add even more capacity will have to figure out how to work around that parameter. DID rims are standard, but they’re black in colour, meaning trailside tire swaps might result in scarred rims. Speaking of tires, the bike will come with Continental TKC80s, a 21-incher up front and an 18-incher in back.

We’ve been told the 701 Supermoto should in Canada for the 2016 season, and we see no reason not to expect this bike as well.


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