Kawasaki unveils their Z125, aimed at the Grom market


Kawasaki has officially unveiled their Z125 naked bike, a minibike that should compete with the Honda Grom.

The Z125 will have a SOHC 125 cc air-cooled motor, and there will be two versions built — one with an automatic transmission, and one with a clutch. It will have 12-inch wheels, a 200-mm brake disc up front and a 184-mm brake disc in rear. With stoppers like that on such a tiny bike (101 kg wet weight), it’s obvious Team Green is aiming this at the same mini-hooligan market the Grom pioneered.

The Z125 also has USD forks. Seat height is 780 mm. It has an LCD instrument cluster as well. The rear shock is offset, similar to more powerful naked bikes in Kawasaki’s Z-lineup.

So far, Kawasaki has not said if the Z125 will come to North America. They don’t necessarily bring all their entry-level nakeds to our market (see here), but if this is aimed at the Grom, it might make sense for them to blitz the developed markets worldwide.

It's got 125 ccs of air-cooled fury. Would you buy one?
It’s got 125 ccs of air-cooled fury. Would you buy one?


  1. I’d love to have a Grom too, I think the Scrambler concept versions Honda released would be awesome. Just like the old Z50’s, but street legal with a 125cc engine would be awesome.

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