BMW builds … a smartphone cradle?

BMW is finally coming out with an accessory for cheapskates. Maybe.

While a motorcycle GPS is very handy, the BMW-branded units have usually been a bit on the pricey side, especially if you consider they are essentially rebranded Garmins. And even Garmins are a bit pricey, considering much of the same work can be done on a piece of technology most riders already own: A smartphone.

More and more riders are turning to their telephones for GPS guidance these days, and looking for ways to integrate their phone into their motorcycle. It’s cheaper, and arguably has more capability, if you know what you’re doing.

BMW has heard the cries of the public, and next year, they will be selling a smartphone cradle designed to integrate with their BMW Motorrad Navigator V instrument bracket. It will include a micro-USB charger, or a wireless Qi-standard charger, if that works with your phone.  An LED will tell you your battery’s charge state.

While budget-minded adventurers are likely getting excited about the thought of an intelligently-designed smartphone holder, it won’t be available until the second quarter of 2016, and pricing has yet to be announced.


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