Motorcycle-blocking driver arrested: Report

A Texas man who swerved his car into the path of a passing motorcycle has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

You can see the original video showing the crash here. It was an ugly scene, with rider and pillion sent flying as driver William Crum pulled in front of them as they passed on a double yellow line. After the incident, Crum was confronted by another motorcyclist and said he “Didn’t care” about the crash.

The 68-year-old man might care a bit more now. According to reports, Crum has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault; he supposedly says he’d apologize to the female passenger, but not to the man who was in control of the motorcycle, as “he was doing something illegal.”

Authorities have said the rider will be facing tickets for his illegal pass, as well as riding without a proper licence. His girlfriend is still in hospital recovering from her injuries, last we’ve heard.

Crum’s story about the crash? He claims he was stung by a wasp, causing him to swerve due to the pain, and that he had no idea a motorcycle was in the lane next to him.


  1. A wasp? Give me a break. He should have been charged with attempted murder. The driver stated the motorcyclist was doing something “illegal ” which he was…but cutting off a motorcyclist on a highway certainly could have caused a couple of deaths. This man is lucky he was not charged with something much worse.

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