Ugly crash shows just how dangerous car drivers can be


While any motorcycle crash that ends in injuries can be hard to watch, this is maybe one of the toughest you’ll ever see.

This isn’t a track crack-up, where racers are weighing the odds and taking their chances. This isn’t even a high-speed street accident. It doesn’t even look like a careless driver who missed a red light or got distracted by their phone. What it looks like is, a car moving out to block a motorcycle and causing a crash, probably because the motorcycle was passing on a double yellow.

Now, whether or not that’s the case is another story — those are the sort of charges and accusations that would have to get proven in court. However, in another, longer version of this video on Facebook, the driver of the car repeatedly says “I don’t care” when confronted about the accident.

Most of the comments on YouTube condemn the deadly driving (the rider suffered road rash and the pillion ended up in intensive care, supposedly, and needed surgery on her arm). However, some comments on YouTube show just how dangerous the streets can be for riders. Consider this gem: “How convenient the description of the video omits that the motorcyclists were passing on a double yellow. They got what they deserved for not respecting the rules of the road.” Or this one: “To be honest bikers sort of ask for it since they act like douches on the road.


  1. Double yellow, single yellow, white line, whatever ! You could see from the video that the lane was clear for passing; illegal: no. I take the view that you use your judgement ( your license gives you this permission), and if a maneuver is safe, you can proceed. The idiot in the car is clearly being malicious, thinking he’s a self-righteous citizen, therefore he is going to stop a law-breaker. All he has achieved is an accident that could have cost two lives. There is just no excuse for his behaviour.

  2. I was passing legally once to catch up to my group, an elderly couple in a Grand Marquis sped up and I almost ended up as a hood ornament of an incoming car. My two riding companions had passed, each one by one. So question is how many bike fatalities are caused intentionally by vehicle drivers doing stuff like this??? Wear a camera for your defence or evidence.

  3. Dub Gillum, a senior trooper and spokesman for the Texas Highway Patrol, said the agency has seen the video and that the car’s driver William Crum, may face felony charges. So far the drvier as said
    when he said that, and that he swerved because he was bitten by a spider. William Crum, 68, At the scene of the accident, Crum told a Hood County News reporter that he swerved because he had been stung by a bee.
    Sounds like the git found out he in deep crap and may go to jail .

  4. TWO WRONGS !!! Bike passing on double solid. Gives all of us who ride a bad reputation Car coming out into left lane…looks to block him , but what will he say was his reason …animal on the road ??? Car driver will probably get away with it with a good excuse Rest of the story required ( drivers reason for doing so ) Right up there as wrong as splitting lanes…one lane , one vehicle only.

  5. Globe and Mail, “Checked the driving laws in every province and territory — it’s illegal to cross the double line everywhere, except Ontario”. Nevertheless, that was attempted homicide.

      • Rules for a solid yellow seems to vary province to province. I learned to drive in BC and my often incorrect memory is that you can pass on a solid single yellow, but it is not recommended (so if anything goes wrong it is your fault).

        The drivers handbook in Ontario ( states “A solid line at the left of your lane means it is unsafe to pass.”. So passing on a single or double yellow line would be illegal.

        • It’s the same. It’s only illegal to cross a white line in Ontario. You can cross or pass on yellow provided both lanes have yellow lines, either single or double. If an accident occurs and you passed on a solid yellow, well then its you fault.

      • do you know the difference between white and Yellow lines? white lines for lanes, yellow lines divide the road. Good thing to remember if you aren’t sure if you are on a one way road or not.

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