Honda gives us a “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from the ’80s? Well, Honda has taken that idea to marketing with this new video.

Instead of releasing a new motorcycle, like much of the adventure riding world had hoped, Big Red instead added another chapter to their interminable Africa Twin marketing campaign with this DIY armchair adventure. If you’re into that sort of thing, click on the video above.

So is Honda releasing another ADV bike this weekend? No. Is there another entry to their lineup coming soon? We’ve seen several rumours that there is, but for now, they remain rumours.



  1. Is there any way that all the moto-journalists of the world can get together and boycot this kind of endless hype and show the bike when it is available? Almost all the manufacturers are doing this bs. “Show me the money”! Remember the VFR1200 “game changer”. Yup, they are still sitting new on dealers showrooms.

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