Does this video point to an upcoming Honda adventure bike?

According to this clip from Honda Motorcycles Europe (above), Big Red has another adventure bike about to be unveiled tomorrow. Or does it?

The video isn’t exactly clear on what’s going to happen tomorrow, but it does say that on Friday, “The Adventure Continues.” So what is it? Here are some possibilities …

1). Another version of the Africa Twin. Just like KTM has their 1190 and 1290 version of their flagship adventure tourer, and Triumph has both street-biased and dirt-friendly versions of the Tiger Explorer, Honda could have a variant of the Africa Twin aimed at performance, or street touring. This would be a bit of a cop-out, but possible.

2). This is a far shot, but the Honda Bulldog might be announced. Yesterday, a British mag circulated a rumour that Honda’s Ruckus-styled concept bike would make it to production. This funky bike would be an unlikely machine to brand alongside the Africa Twin, but it is an adventure-styled machine.

3). Maybe Big Red is finally going to announce the CRF250L Rally? We’ve heard rumours about a CRF250L-based adventure bike for months now. Canadian rally racer Patrick Trahan has long been rumoured to be involved with such a project, and he told us a few weeks back that Big Red is “working on a CRF250 Rally that will be more an adventurer than a rally machine.” Honda already has an adventurized 500 and 750 (CB500X and NC750X). Maybe their quarter-litre duallie will be the next bike to get the treatment?

It’s worth noting the video comes from Honda Europe. Honda could simply be planning to unveil the Africa Twin at AIM Expo in Orlando this weekend, with no new model, but if that’s the case, why a video from Honda Europe? So many questions …


  1. Btw, pricing is now out on the Africa Twin. Something like $12,999 for the manual transmission. Would be nice to have a cheaper option in the CRF!

  2. Would pretty much like the release of a CRF250L Rally but sound more like the official availability of the Africa Twin but then why make such a fuss about it since they have allready done a lot of pr about it.I hate all that teasing and making us wait way of doing things by manufacturers these days,it’s utterly annoying.

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