Updated Honda CBR500R to appear at EICMA

2016YM CBR500R

Honda is updating their CBR500R, and will unveil the new bike at EICMA this fall.

The new Honda CBR500R will have updated bodywork, with Honda’s “Aggressive Speed Shape” concept showing up again, with “overall form and edgy character lines” that “give expression to a dynamic flow in the wind.” It also gains LED headlights up front and an LED taillight. Sounds like they’re trying to make the machine look like its more high-spec Euro competition, although their press release claims it will look more like the CBR1000R.

Along with the show, Honda’s updating the go. The front suspension is now preload adjustable, and the fuel tank has been re-designed to have more capacity. The muffler is also re-designed, supposedly offering more mass concentration and “crisp exhaust sounds, accenting the low tones” and the front brake lever is now adjustable/

The updated Honda CBR500R will be available in Canada in 2016.


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