BMW builds concept G310 stunt motorcycle

BMW has unveiled their concept G310 stunt bike in South America, showcasing a possible future for the company that’s very interesting.

The G310 stunt concept is built around BMW’s new small-capacity project, build in conjunction with Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS. We’ve known about the project for years, and we’ve seen spy shots of the bikes in the past few months, but this is the first real look we’ve had at the platform. It promises to be interesting.

The G310 has added many features that would only really be of use to stunt riders — stuff like axle pegs, vertical exhaust, numberplate (instead of a headlight), crash bars, lockable throttle, rear brake lever (next to clutch lever), wheelie-friendly gearing and a tail section made from aluminum to facilitate on-bike acrobatics. As this is a concept bike, don’t expect these features to be part of a regular lineup model for BMW (unless they actually build a factory stunt bike).

However, the platform itself promises to be a promising one. Consider the motor: The single-cylinder head is turned around backwards, with intake at front and exhaust at rear, similar to some of Yamaha’s dirt bike lineup. It’s an unusual design, and it enables further interesting concepts, like the vertical exhaust mentioned earlier. Unusual chassis configurations are also made more possible due to the engine design.

We’d expect to see a sport bike version of this platform, as well as a GS/adventure version, in the next few weeks.


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