Video: Brake work on your vintage Honda


Apparently, there’s been some confusion about Ichiban Moto lately, and we need to clear it up.

No, Ichiban Moto is not a serious moto-channel. Whoever this guy is, he’s got a pretty keen eye for mocking all the custom subcultures out there who spend their weekend building “authentic” cafe racers out of vintage parts. No serious mechanic uses a matchstick instead of a flashlight, or calls cotter pins “split nail thingies.” Or calls a drywall mask an “asbestos grade micron respirator.” Or uses sandpaper to make new “brake liners” for worn drum brakes, holding it over the shoes with “assembly tape” (duct tape).

We’re guessing Ichiban just got fed up with the same scene that these guys did, and decided to provide his own commentary on it. That’s why, when we used to run Friday Fudge, he was a repeat guest …


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