This weekend, MotoGP visits Aragon


This weekend, the big question in MotoGP is: Can Valentino Rossi hold off Jorge Lorenzo? And Rossi knows it.

This weekend’s race takes place at Aragon Circuit, one of two MotoGP tracks where Rossi hasn’t won (the other is Austin’s COTA). He did grab a third-place here in 2013, but last year, crashed out — just like Lorenzo did in the last race.

Rossi’s not a crasher; a repeat performance of last year’s DNF is unlikely. But he’s got to finish ahead of Jorge Lorenzo.

Although Lorenzo’s season is almost the inverse of last year (when he had an early slump and tore it up later in the season), he still has a chance to beat Rossi. The 23-point gap between them is not impossible to close. If Lorenzo wins the last five races, or even wins the last three races and finishes ahead of Rossi in the other two races, he can still become the 2015 champion.

But Rossi knows all that. “Every race has its own story”, he said to “There are five races from here to the end of the season. If that‘s many or few, I don’t know, it depends on your point of view, but I do know that it will be important to win races.”

So, maybe it’s time for The Doctor’s first win at Aragon?

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