See the new liquid-cooled Bonneville in this Belstaff/Beckham video collaboration

Details are still scarce on Triumph’s new liquid-cooled Bonneville, but you can see the bike in action in this bizarro short film from Belstaff and David Beckham.

These days, it seems Beckham’s turned to film work, now that he’s done playing soccer. His latest piece is a short film shot in collaboration with British gearmaker Belstaff, in which Beckham plays a motorcycle stuntman who gets himself into all sorts of trouble in Mexico. The film itself is weird, and director Geremy Jasper must have drawn quite a bit of inspiration from David Lynch. The film’s got almost all the Lynch hallmarks — a dwarf, deformed actors, lighting that’s straight from Twin Peaks’ Red Lodge, a weird blend of the 1950s and today. All that’s missing is an albino madman.

But back to the bike! The new liquid-cooled Bonnie is visible at the 12:31 mark. You can watch the film in its oddball entirety below.


    • Cheer up. If weird marketing like this makes Belstaff more popular, surely you must have some old waxed cotton jackets you can then sell for a fortune to hipsters looking for vintage threads.

      • I bought my original Belstaff jacket in 1972 for $45, the last time I looked they were nearly $700.
        Even accounting for inflation that’s ridiculous.
        The hipsters can do what they want, I repeat, I DO NOT CARE…

        • I’ve been to Belstaff’s NYC showroom. They certainly are not catering to motorcyclists anymore.

          Having said that: The Aerostich Falstaff (their made-in-the-USA equivalent) is currently retailing for $577 USD on their website, and that’s with a direct-to-consumer marketing model, so prices on quality gear have gone up everywhere.

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