BMW updates scooter lineup

BMW’s maxi-scooters have received several updates for 2016.

Both the C 650 Sport (previously the C 600) and the C 650 GT scooters now have ABS and traction control as standard equipment. They’ve also tuned their CVT transmission, making for better throttle response off the line. The scooters also have suspension updates to improve comfort while retaining sporty handling.

Along with a name changes, the C650 Sport also gets updated bodywork and headlights. Both scooter have new paint options available. Both scooters also get revised gauges for 2016, and a new muffler.

There’s no word as to whether the C 650 Sport will make it to Canada in 2016; in 2015, the only BMW maxi-scooter imported was the C 650 GT.

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