Spied! More photos of the Royal Enfield Himalayan

Here are some more photos of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, the made-in-India adventure bike that’s expected to debut this November.

Several sites in India are running these shots of the adventure bike on an assembly line — these shots were on Motoroids. This machine looks much cleaner than some of the previous shots of the bike during testing. This specific unit might not have been completed, as there’s no Royal Enfield logo painted on tank or sidecovers. However, that flat black paint is supposedly going to be one of two standard colours available, the other being some sort of military green.

From the photo, it appears a centrestand is fitted as standard, as well as a small luggage rack. The exhaust should roughly the same ground clearance as the frame, although it’s not a high-mounted pipe. The rear subframe is not bolted on, so if adventurers twist that section around in a crash, it could be an expensive fix, unless you’re in India and find a welder who can mend it for a few rupees.

The seats don’t look particularly cushy, as the padding appears on the thin side. The tank appears to be nicely dished to allow riding while standing on the pegs, and

There are three gauges in the instrument cluster, so the bike likely has both a tachometer and speedometer. It’s unclear what the purpose of the crash bars around the headlight are; they could function simply as protection, or they could be an attachment spot for some sort of panniers. They also might simply function as a headlight bracket.

It’s hard to tell, but it’s possible the handlebar ends are threaded for a set of handguards. The turn signals appear to be tasteful in size, but expect that to change if the bike is to meet North American DOT standards.


    • If it’s reliable and affordable, it could be a really interesting entry into the ADV bike market. There’s a market for a bike with KLR-like reliability, but a slightly lower price tag and less plastic/things to break.

      • That’s going to be the questions – how much and will it show up here ?
        Going by RE’s recent forays into the North American market it will be too expensive, if it shows up at all. I’m not holding my breath.

        • I am 99% positive it will show up here. It will all come down to pricing, and Royal Enfield dropped prices last year to become more competitive in Canada. I’m not sure how the slide in the CAD will affect this.

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