Spied! Triumph’s new liquid-cooled Bonneville

We’ve known about Triumph’s new liquid-cooled Bonneville for a while, thanks to  spy shots floating around the Internet. Now it’s popped up again, thanks to a collaboration between Belstaff and David Beckham.

It seems former soccer star Beckham’s starring in an upcoming short promotional film for Belstaff that looks like something David Lynch might have dreamed up. In the trailer for Outlaws, you can see a quick glimpse of Triumph’s new liquid cooled bike around the 24-second mark — watch it below. Blink and you’ll miss it. It’s hard to see that radiator, with the bike in shadows.

However, a couple of publicity shots released to go with the film show Beckham astride the new Triumph. The bike has been customized slightly, but it’s clearly a liquid-cooled Bonneville.

Outlaws comes out on Sept. 21; we should see more information spilled over the next few weeks, with final details probably coming at EICMA.

Outlaws trailer starring David Beckham from Vogue Video on Vimeo.


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