New vintage-style bags coming from SW-Motech

SW-Motech is introducing a new line of bags that allow you to add a bit of retro styling when you load up your bike.

Vintage-styled rides are in, whether it’s modern bikes like the Ducati Scrambler or cobbled-together cafe racers. But there’s not much on the market for vintage-styled luggage. What’s a bearded custom builder to do? SW-Motech has heard the cry, and is bringing the Legend Gear luggage line to market.

The lineup will have tankbags, saddlebags and tailbags that can double as a backpack. The bags are made of synthetic leather and canvas, and are water-resistant. For real waterproofing, you’ll have to use SW-Motech’s waterproof inner bags (included).

The saddlebags have a 20-27 litre capacity, the tailbag has a 17.5-liter capacity. Tank bag sizes range from three to 5.5 lites.

There will be bike-specific mounting systems available for the luggage, as well as universal mounting systems.

The entire range will be shown to the public at EICMA this fall.


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  1. Not sure how these are suppose to be “vintage” style when the original saddle bags were leather bags with straps and buckles, straight from the horse to the bike, but they are a good looking bag. Possibly the best I have ever seen. They look pretty good on that Triumph Scrambler

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