Husqvarna’s latest video will make you want to go ride a dirt bike

Here’s motorcycle marketing at its simplest. There’s no talk about meeting nice people. There’s no talk about dark low customs. There’s no talk about Freedom ©, Performance or Individuality ®.

Instead, we see enduros bombing through the woods. If you’ve spent a day on a dirt bike, you know that riding off-road does indeed offer freedom and plenty of the other intangibles of motorcycling, but it’s nice to see marketing that isn’t desperately trying to grab our attention and ram that message down our throat. When you ride off-road, the constantly changing terrain forces you to concentrate on the task at hand; this video reflects that. There’s no heavy metal background track, no adrenaline-pumping stunts, just a normal trail ride — which is often the most fun of all.

The seasons are changing in Canada. Leaves are starting to turn, and the temperatures are slowly lowering. But, that’s the perfect time to ride in the woods; even if you don’t have a dirt bike, you can rent one. The point is, fall’s here, so enjoy it. Go ride the woods.


  1. That was a very different marketing video for motorcycles. I sure didn’t miss the usual throbbing sound tracks, and as mentioned it was nice to see off road riding presented as a recreational activity as opposed to a dare devil video game.
    It makes me want a 2 stroke again too.

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