Rumour: BMW to build a smaller scooter

Internet rumours say BMW is about to update their scooter lineup with a smaller, more budget-oriented step-through.

BMW’s current scooter lineup consists of the battery-powered C Evolution, the C600 Sport and the C650 GT. Now, French site Scooter Station is hinting a 350 cc scooter might be coming soon.

Supposedly, the move comes as part of BMW’s move towards a line of smaller, more affordable bikes that complements their high-end luxury machines. We’re supposed to see these motorcycles debut this fall; for months, rumour has had them built in India in conjunction with TVS, sporting 350 cc motors.

Now, the rumours say to expect not just a naked bike, standard bike and dual sport with that 350 cc engine, but also a scooter. Scooter File suggests it will be assembled by Loncin in China, around that made-in-India motor.

If the rumours are true, chances are we’ll see this scoot at EICMA this year.

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