Adventure Rider Radio CMG interview

If you’re not a regular on Adventure Rider Radio yet, (check it out here) then here’s a good opportunity to try the adventure based ‘radio’ show (you can stream them on site or download as podcasts to listen to after), then the latest show includes some great interviews with real adventure riders and … ‘Arris.

Presenter Jim Martin asks ‘Arris about the upcoming Fundy Adventure Rally as well as the Canada Moto Guide. The are, umh, quite a lot of, umh, “Uhms” in the piece and ‘Arris has been duly, umh, shipped off for, umh,  annunciation lessons, but you can hear what he has to say starting at, umh, 1:07:20, or better still, umh, listen to the whole podcast (link below).


    • Judging from what I heard at Overland Expo, if there was a music format for the adventure rider, it would be out-of-tune acoustic guitar strumming by the Rawhyde training van til all hours of the night. An acquired taste, for sure.

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