Victory Empulse TT announced

Just as we predicted, Victory has beat Harley-Davidson to the punch by introducing an electric motorcycle to the market.

Of course, the new Victory Empulse TT isn’t really that new; it’s a rebadged Brammo, with minor tweaks. But, in the US, it moves electric motorcycles from the domain of fringe companies into the mainstream. While Harley-Davidson trucks their Livewire around from town to town, giving customers tamed-down demo rides, Victory’s Empulse will actually be available for purchase.

Plus, with the Empulse, buyers are getting a bike built around the same engineering that Victory/Brammo used at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race. No other mainstream manufacturer with an EV (BMW, KTM) can make that claim.

Available in Canada soon, at an MSRP under $24,000.
Available in Canada soon, at an MSRP under $24,000.

Victory’s Canadian website sets the starting price of the Empulse TT at $23,799. That gets you a bike with a 10.400 kilowatt-hour battery that charges in just under four hours with an accessory quick charger, using a 240V outlet. The battery has a five-year, 100,000-km warranty. According to their press release, a rider can get about 100 kms of normal riding out of that battery, stretching that range to about 160 kms with regenerative braking and careful throttle use.

The machine has a top speed over 160 kph, and since it’s derived from the Brammo, it will come with a six-speed gearbox, offering motorcyclists a familiar control system. The motor offers 54 peak horsepower, and peak torque is 61 ft-lb.

Other highlights are adjustable suspension (43mm USD forks) and aluminum wheels. The tires are Continental Sport Attacks, with a 120-70 ZR17 58W  up front and a 160/60ZR17 69W in back. The wheels are 17 x 3.5 in front and 17 x 4.5 in rear.

Weight is 213 kg, and carrying capacity is 167 kg.

This bike is Victory's first factory model in their new era of sporty machines.
This bike is Victory’s first factory model in their new era of sporty machines.

It’s worth pointing out that not only does this bike give Victory an entry into the world of electric motorcycles, but it also fulfills their new game plan of building sportier, more aggressive machines. This bike looks like no other Victory sold in the company’s history.

It’s likely we’ll see more electric bikes from the company in the coming days as well. Back in January, they trademarked an electric bike called the Charger. We haven’t seen any photos of that machine yet, or seen much in the way of gossip, but we would bet on seeing a flat track-styled machine, or maybe a battery bike with muscle cruiser lines.


  1. Important correction: website says top speed is “100MPH+” which is significantly different than “over 100 kph”.

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