Project Livewire making the rounds in Canada

In wake of news of Victory’s Empulse TT coming to Canada, it’s also worth noting Harley-Davidson’s Project Livewire is making the rounds at Canadian dealerships right now.

Of the 39 Livewire prototypes built by Harley-Davidson, 13 are on the Canadian tour. So far, they’ve made a few stops out west, and they’re supposedly headed east at the moment. However, it’s been very difficult to find any official details on the tour, likely because Deeley is in the middle of ending its decades-long relationship as the MoCo’s Canadian distributor, as Harley-Davidson moves to direct distribution in Canada.

However, we’ve seen a couple mentions that the Livewire’s next stop is Montreal, so if you want to ride the electric bike, that’s probably your next chance in Canada.


  1. According to CMG article on their battery tech, it’s “years” off & they’re looking at msrp of $25G when they do bring it to market. Yet Victory (Polaris) was able to race a prototype electric bike, based upon the Brammo tech their parent company purchased, at the Isle of Man this year. Yet again, H-D will miss an opportunity like they did with the V-rod. One step forward, two steps back…

  2. Zero is already out and has close to 200km range these have 39 km range, and wont be made for at least 3 years as said by a report they just dont have the technology

    • I dunno too. For the old farts who don’t understand computers, maybe they’re spewing their metamucil over the idea of an electric Harley. But once those grizzled knuckleheads keel over (shouldn’t be long now), HD has to sell something to someone; why not one of these?

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