Honda Africa Twin confirmed for Canada: Details

Once again, Honda emphasizes the bike's offroad capability.

Honda Canada has confirmed the Africa Twin is coming to our market, and DCT will be an option.

According to Honda Canada’s press release, the Africa Twin will be available by the spring of 2016. The original Africa Twin wasn’t officially brought in, although you sometimes see them around. But with the boom in adventure bike sales in recent years, there wasn’t much doubt Big Red would bring in their new bike; the main question was which options would be available. Now we know.

Honda will bring three paint schemes in for the bike next year: black, red/black, and silver. The manual-shift bike will be available in all three paint schemes, but the DCT bike will only be available in silver.

The spec sheet sent through by Honda Canada seems to pretty much agree with the Euro specs we saw last week. The big number we’re waiting for, though, is still unavailable. Honda has yet to release a Canadian MSRP.


  1. Whenever I ride my DRZ, I wish I had my TL1000S engine in it. This could work for me. I’m not sure about the DCT, although it looks interesting.

  2. I’d be surprised if the MSRP is below 15K. The CB1100 lists at 13K and the CBR1000 at 14K.

    This thing is an all new model so design and tooling cost recovery rates are steep in the first few years, it’s likely to be pretty easy to sell (high demand) even at that price, and the Canadian dollar is projected to settle in the mid 70 cent US range. While the Cdn. dollar has been relatively strong against the yen they both generally move in a similar way against the USD.

    • Also, I’m not sure if Honda Canada is buying the bikes priced in Yen or USD. If they are buying priced in Yen, that can drop the price down, but if they’re buying them in USD, it doesn’t matter if the CAD is doing well against the yen anyway.

      • Pretty sure that Honda and other Japanese manufacturers presently have dedicated distributors here in Canada, unlike KTM, now Harley, and others.

  3. I’m trying to make a deal on one of these. I’m guessing the price will be more than a 1K Strom, but less than a Tenere. Like I said in another story here, I’m saying around $13K-$14K.

    • Pricing will, as always, make a big deal on this machine. But, if they can make it around the $13,750 mark (BMW F800 GS MSRP today), then I think they’ll carve a huge piece of the market out.

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