Day Out: Fundy Adventure scouting

It looks a little scarier than it is. Honest.

The second BMW Motorrad Canada Fundy Adventure Rally is now only five weeks away and the scouting team have been busy in the woods coming up with the perfect routes for this unique Adventure Rally. Last year the 500km route consisted of A and B options only (see below for definitions), but this year we will be adding some more technically challenging C options to the loop.

The result is that there’s going to be more of a challenge for those who want it, though the base option still gives an easy ride for anyone who wants to just enjoy some great countryside. We’re also looking to add a shortcut in the middle so you can make the ride as long or as short as you desire.

BTW, just in case you’re not sure what makes a A, B or C route, this is the criteria we came up with:

This would be part of a C route.

A Route – I would happily drive the family Kia Rondo down it (easy gravel roads and any pavement)

B Route – Screw the Kia, this is what they made trucks for (rocky, rutted, some technical know how required but you could get a big GS down it with bash protection and knobby tires)

C Route – Possibly a four-wheel drive truck but more likely an ATV (deeper water crossings, deep ruts, large rocks etc. Dual sport territory.)

For more info on the Fundy Adventure Rally, click here. Registration is still open but closes on 9th August.


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