Isle of Man TT short now available


There have been a lot of films about the Isle of Man TT race, but here’s a short 19 minute one that you can download and watch immediately. Using Vimeo’s On Demand service, for C$6.99, you can watch the IOM TT, which uses drone photography and racer interviews to capture the famous races.

What is perhaps most interesting about all this is, the use of Vimeo’s On Demand streaming service to finance such a venture. C$6.99 for a 15 minute film?  In a world where we’ve become used to internet meaning free, if people are willing to put down money for others to make interesting motorcycle films, expect to see a lot more springing up – and quality ones too.

If you’re interested in doing just such, you can access the film here, or you can watch the extended trailer below (at 1 minute long, by our calculations, that 37 cents worth of video).

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