How safe are motorcycle jeans?

Riding jeans: You see them for sale in dealerships and in aftermarket catalogues, and we’ve even reviewed them on CMG, but how safe are they? Can a layer of denim and other fibres really be enough to save you from serious road rash?

You hear a lot from riding jeans’ manufacturers touting their garments’ safety, but this video from KLMwear is probably the best illustration of their effectiveness that we’ve seen. Of course, nothing will ever replace a good set of leathers, with armour for knees and hips, but some people just aren’t going to wear that level of protection. For people like that, this video might show another option that could save your butt in a crash. Literally.

Alas, it seems that, at least for now, if you want KLM’s jeans, you’ll have to order them from Europe …

KLMwear jeans crash test / SLOVAKIA RING circuit 2015 from Klmwear on Vimeo.


  1. I want to see a test of a wife beater and pair of shorts. Maybe throw in a pair of bright white runners, too.

  2. I wear BMW’s City Jeans that are really robust and have knee and hip armour. I feel confident that they’d be there for me in the event of a crash, like all of their equipment. Do I get a free t shirt BMW for the free plug? Ha

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