Stolen round-the-world traveler’s bike found in Yukon

Photos: Boštjan Škrlj/Facebook

In a somewhat happy conclusion to his misfortune, Boštjan Škrlj’s stolen BMW R1200 GS has been recovered – but it’s going to take some work to get it put back together.

A few days back, Boštjan Škrlj’s GS was stolen while he visited Whitehorse, in the Yukon. Škrlj, originally from Slovenia, had visited 41 countries on the bike, only to have it pinched in one of the most remote corners of Canada. Police seemed to be unable to find the machine, and said he was planning to work and save up for another one.

Now he doesn’t need to; his bike has been recovered. Here’s what Škrlj said on Facebook:

Thursday afternoon I got a message from a whitehorse resident (who will stay anonymous for safety reason) who confirmed the location of the bike after checking the serial number…. i will release more information later on but now is up to police..i really believe in the law in this country hopefully he will pay for his act…otherwise i will release his information and pictures and everybody in this town will see who it is smile emoticon

There is lots of damage on the bike….I have to take the computer out and send it out for checking, a new ignition, lots of wiring, damaged body, smashed lights & windshield… there are more things missing that will probably never be found

it makes me mad that someone who has no idea what he is doing put his dirty hands on my bike and good friend ….. one day everything will come back to him… i want to thank everyone who shared this story and who looked for the bike in town, without you it would have been impossible to find it, thank you from my heart smile emoticon

Many local people mention how it makes the town and territory look bad, but this could happen anywhere… thieves are everywhere and we should not judge places because of the few stupid people

Now I am looking to put my bike back together..ready for the new adventures coming ! The money that was collected before on the online campaign will go towards all repairs…

Thank you all

As you can see from the photos, the bike really did take a beating at the hands of the thief. Thankfully, he seems to have the funds to put it back together, and he isn’t blaming the rest of Canada for one crook’s misdeeds.


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  1. Yep, and sitting on our arses while low-life thieves overrun the country solves a hell of a lot, doesn’t it? The bleeding-heart approach has not done a bloody thing to reduce crime – it has only encouraged it. And I don’t need to get drunk to think that the death penalty should have been brought back a long time ago. I can guarantee you that if every thief would get a public shit-kicking, they’d think twice about stealing. Now all they get is a slap on the wrist. Maybe a nice big hug would deter them? Have you tried that? You might have a great career ahead…

  2. Yes. Because violence has always solved all of our problems.
    Hey? Why don’t we get drunk, and bring back the death penalty?

  3. I hope that a bunch of people from that town get together and accidentally beat that low-life so hard that just the thought of stealing again makes him feel sick and terrified. Pretty much what every thief in this country deserves.

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