Dainese airbag suits to be available in North America this fall


Dainese says their wireless airbag technology will be available in the North American market this fall.

While Dainese’s airbag suits have been available on the European market for a while, the company has been slow to introduce the wireless technology to the North American market. The interwebz experts have hotly debated why; some say it’s due to the risk of lawsuits, others say it’s because the tech is too expensive. It doesn’t really matter now, because in September, riders in Canada and the US will be able to buy the suits here.

Dainese’s wireless airbag suits have actually been around for a while now; they debuted the technology at the 2007 Valencia Grand Prix.  It took a while longer for the technology to actually make it to market. Version 1.0 of the D|air Racing system was available in 2011, and the D|air Street technology was available in a suit for Euro consumers in 2012.

The D|air Racing system will be available this year, but the Dainese press release says nothing about the D|air Street. This won’t just be the first time Dainese’s wireless airbag suits are available in North America, it will be the first time any wireless airbag suits can be bought here.

According to their press release, “The Misano suit will be available for $2,499 through Dainese D-Stores, D-Corner dealerships, top Dainese resellers and www.dainese.com.An optional Extended Service Package is offered for $299, providing unlimited re-arming for two years, plus a 15% discount for crash-damage repairs.

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