Video: Edmonton motorcyclist nearly crushed by driver

Video is floating around YouTube that shows a rider, supposedly from Edmonton, having their bike crushed by a car driven in reverse.

Details of the crash were published on the website, but the original video seems to have been removed from YouTube. Other users copied it, so you can see it below.

Supposedly, the crash was caused by a driver with a learner’s permit, who was stuck in the middle of an intersection. She reversed her car to leave the intersection and backed over the motorcycle, as the video clearly shows. The rider is very lucky to have escaped without serious bodily injury.

According to several reports online, the driver was issued a $500 ticket.

Here’s what the video poster said about the crash on Reddit:

“Ok boys and gals. I am the actual rider in the video and will once and for all dissolve all speculations and such that to my amazement have come up so far.

We both started slowing down when the light turned orange. The red SUV ended up in the middle of the intersection. Cars seen on the right started turning left, one car actually made it in front of the stalled/frozen driver. The car then proceeded to back up – IN THE LEFT LANE – i was aware about its presence all the time. And yes I was in the 1st with the clutch in as can be seen on video (anyone see the Neutral light?).

As some have pointed out, only have I noticed it changing directions a couple of seconds before impact. Yes, a rider with tens of years of experience MAY HAVE been able to sprint to the right (risking clipping the car and being at fault for running a red light into potentially left turning traffic, as the light for the oncoming lane was changing to a left turn go), but given the circumstances… the horn wouldn’t have done squat. Again, we’re talking seconds. Disbelief that the car was going to back into me was up there. I was in the dominant position for my lane (left half of the lane, where cars in the left lane have the best chance of seeing you in their mirror), watching the driver… but again… how often do you guys assume that a car will decide to reverse into your lane from a different one and floor it?

The video ends where it does because there is absolutely nothing exciting happening afterwards. The two occupants get out, we exchange remarks, and then I take the helmet off and turn off the camera. No swearing or yelling. The adrenaline pumping through my system was so high, I was kinda happy to not be under the car. The car was resting on the bike, they had to lift it to get the bike from underneath.

Yes please, all those that could’ve avoided this – I salute you and your superhuman reactions. I’m just human and did the best I could when I realized what was going to happen to get my sorry ass out of the way.

The aftermath… if I can figure out how to post pictures here I will. The driver got a ticket as it is illegal to back out of an intersection (or something thereof) and yes, because they are on a learner’s permit (can only drive supervised), they may have very high insurance premiums. And as far as the bike – it will be looked at by an insurance adjuster on Monday where I will find out what happens next.”


  1. I do not fault the rider at all. Yes, one or two riders might have been able to get out of the way, but I think those are few and far between.

    I also have some understanding for the driver as well. When I watched the video, my first thought was that they somehow mixed up the brake and gas pedals while going in reverse, which speaks of inexperience or tiredness (or intoxication). Mistakes happen (except intoxication). Then I heard the person was on a learner’s permit. Done deal, it was a mistake, something they can learn from, and noone got hurt in the making of that lesson!

    I’m not sure what I would have done myself, because I’d have been sitting there both in disbelief and pondering the capabilities to hold the bike still when the vehicle hit it, the likelihood of the front wheel collapsing, the chances the tires would blow, etc etc etc. By time all that was done, I’d have learned something too!

    To be able to out of the way, you’d need to check the availability of your possible exits and evaluate which is most likely to succeed, then factor in the accelerating and estimated trajectory of what is clearly an out-of-control vehicle. I think you did the absolutely best possible action. Well done, and sorry ’bout your bike!

  2. Rider, you did the RIGHT THING in getting off the bike and saving your own bacon! In any situation where your life is in danger then the motorcycle is just a thing that can be replaced. We love our motorcycles but we have to remember that they are just machines that can be replaced: Health and life are not so easily returned to us!

    If you had tried to save the bike by riding away, it may have worked or it could have led to a bigger crash and serious injuries. It doesn’t matter: You are OK and in the end that is all that matters.

    Now go talk to a lawyer RIGHT NOW and make sure you get compensated properly for that accident.

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