Stolen Round-the-world bike still missing in Yukon

A few days ago, we told you adventure rider Boštjan Škrlj’s motorcycle had been stolen in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory. Sadly, the bike is still missing, but Škrlj says he still plans to continue his riding adventure.

Škrlj’s motorcycle was stolen in mid-May; he’d traveled through 41 countries in the last seven years, but his motorcycle was nicked in Northern Canada, where he expected to be fairly safe.

In the days following the theft, Škrlj had offers for help coming in from all directions. However, Škrlj says he isn’t looking for charity; he has a Canadian work visa, and he is planning to work and pay for a new motorcycle himself, maybe a BMW R1200 GS or F800 GS, instead of getting money through fundraisers like the one that’s already been started for him.

But just because he isn’t looking for handouts doesn’t mean Škrlj can’t use some help. He has to also replace all his riding and camping gear, as it was all on his bike when it was pinched. He’s looking for deals on that equipment, so if someone can help him line that stuff up, he’d appreciate it. However, he’s adamant that he wants to be responsible and pay his own way, saying “I don’t want to ask people for money or free things.”

So for now, Škrlj is plugging away at saving for a new bike. If you do have a line on some ADV riding gear at a decent price, or want to help out in some other way than simply giving him money, you can send him a line at or contact him on Facebook.


  1. Sadly this has been known to happen in Whitehorse. A friend had a Ninja 1000 parked under the entrance to his hotel when two guys showed up in a van, picked it up and threw it in the back. Less than 2 MIBs and his bike has never been seen again.

    I suspect his bike is gone.

  2. Come on RCMP… how hard could it be to find a fully kitted BMW in a town of 24,000 people??
    Get off the stick and find Mr. Škrlj’s bike.

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