Victory unveils #Project156

Victory has taken the wraps off their #Project156 race bike.

Built with help from Roland Sand Design and teased in a mercifully short promotional campaign, Victory says #Project156 is a hint towards the company’s plans, with a liquid-cooled motor that “represents the future performance of the Victory brand.”

They say it’s a prototype engine, but it appears to be a reworked version of the Indian Scout’s powerplant, with “Twin 67mm throttles with downdraft runners for maximum power and torque as well as a performance valvetrain including titanium intake and exhaust valves.” In other words, they didn’t just slap a big bore kit on a standard motor and call ‘er quits. This bike should rip.

Where it’s headed, it will need plenty of performance on tap. As Rod Krois, Victory’s General Manager said in their official press release for the bike, “The grueling conditions at Pike’s Peak provide the perfect proving ground for our new Project 156 race engine.” The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb runs 20 km up the mountain, with 156 turns and climbing 1440 m from its its start to its finish 4300 m above sea level. It’s chewed up and spit out many unprepared racers, with its unique conditions making it hard to effectively tune a bike for top performance the whole way.

There are a few dozen photos of the bike below, if you want to see the finished product more closely.


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  1. Harley built the XR750, and as a powerplant its lasted over 40 years.
    Not too shabby for something that’s ‘racing only’…

  2. Nice! Where’s the street version?

    If all they do is to make a very few excellent racing bikes to pump the brand then only sell flaccid, tepid, overweight junk “cruisers” to street riders, it’ll just be another pathetic Hardley-Ableson. We already have one too many of those.

  3. There are some smart people at Polaris/Victory.
    As long as they can keep the eccentric engineering types away, they could make this thing rock.

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